Monday, April 21, 2003

STITCHES did amazing things for me. After using STITCHES for just ten days, my insides are staying in and protected from the elements!

STITCHES come in:

  • STAINLESS STEEL WIRE: is inerted and maintains strength for a long time. It does not harbor bacteria.
  • SILK: animal protein, relatively inert for human tissue, loses strength over long periods. Silk sutures are multifilament and provide a potential haven for bacteria.
  • CATGUT: from the submucosa of the bovine intestine, eventually resorb. It excites considerable inflammatory reaction and tends to potenciate infections. It loses strength rapidly and it’s of little use in modern surgery.
  • SYNTHETIC NONABSORBABLE SUTURES: generally inert and retain strength longer than wire. They must usually be knotted at least four times because of their poor handling characteristics, resulting in retained foreign bodies.
  • SYNTHETIC ABSORBABLE SUTURES: strong, with predictable rates of loss of tensile strength, incite a minimal inflammatory response and may have special usefulness in gastrointestinal urologic and gynecological surgeries.
  • TAPE: skin closure of choice for clean or contaminated wounds, with minimal probability of infections. They cannot be used in actively bleeding or complex surface wounds.

Try STITCHES for your open wounds today!



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